Round-up: November 2016

november goes

“November comes / And November goes, / With the last red berries / And the first white snows.”  

— Elizabeth Coatsworth

This was a long month.  Sometimes it’s nice for fall to end slowly though–sometimes better than being hit in the face with a rush of holidays that are over before you can even catch a breath!  But if I’m going to be hit in the face…the holidays are the best way to take it.  haha  I didn’t get done nearly as much as I thought I would, which is surprising since this month seemed to take forever.

  1. Visit the local library with my baby.  We just did a lot of reading from our home library!
  2. Make my house ready for holiday guests.  Feels so good to be finished with those last touches!
  3. Learn how to make pot pie.  No. But I did experiment with sweet potato gnocchi and “drunken pumpkin” sauce.
  4. Rework some of my Google Ads.  Never got around to it!
  5. Finish the first half of my knitting project. Now I’m working on the front of my baby sweater.
  6. Celebrate Thanksgiving!  And I had a lot to be thankful for!
  7. Start reading a new book.  All that home library reading was children’s books. 🙂
  8. Make an autumn wreath for our front door.  This was so much fun to do.  I’ll have to make a winter one!
  9. Begin Christmas shopping–EARLY.  Yep, it has started.
  10. Get half-way through my baby diary.  ha. ha. ha.
  11. Finish proofreading and send the last few chapters to my junior editor.  HA. HA. HA.
  12. Enroll in a class online. I enrolled in a mini-course on blogging.
  13. Finish watching One Tree Hill.  It’s over!
  14. Begin using Amazon Associates.  I did, but I have to make a new application soon.

This month taught me that when life gives you pumpkins, make pumpkin pie.  Unpacking that a bit– there were some unexpected things that I was hit with this month.  Maybe some of them were downright lemons, but most were just unique, odd, unexpected pumpkins.  While I wasn’t able to necessarily make pumpkin pie out of all of them, there was definitely a good spin that I could put on any of them.  Some things fell my way that wouldn’t have if I hadn’t been faced with those surprises.  And my phone is filled to the brim with hundreds of photos–proof that there were some pretty good times had this month, as always.  And there were definitely some pumpkin spice lattes had this month! (Again, as always!)  All in all, November remains a good month for many reasons year in and year out, and this month was no exception.

What was your November like?  Making lists is a thing around here…I’d love to read yours.  Leave a comment below and tune in soon for my December to-do list.  Thanks for stopping by!

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