July 2016


“The summer night is like a perfection of thought.” – Wallace Stevens

Happy July!  I am looking forward to this month for a number of reasons.  As you might know, I like to write up a list of what I’m looking forward to.  Some of them are surprises, but here are a few main ones:

  1. Edit my book.  I’m putting this one first because, you guys, IT IS HAPPENING.  THIS MONTH.
  2. Read a book.  Speaking of books, nothing helps writing/editing like reading does.
  3. Have a family picnic.  We love these, and what better month for one than July?
  4. Finish my crochet project.  It’s a winter headband-but I’ll be glad to have it in a few months.
  5. Teach my baby to sleep through the night.  She is a good sleeper, so I know we can do it!
  6. Use Google Analytics.  I installed the plug-in, but I need to get my account going.
  7. Start a new phone plan.  Cringeworthy: my phone is two years older than my car.  CRINGE.
  8. Watch Season Three of Liv and Maddie.  Disney doesn’t have age limits.  Neither do I.
  9. Bake a Funfetti cake.  See above.
  10. Try three new recipes.  Speaking of food, I want to try a new protein recipe, vegetable recipe, and a new grain recipe. <–funfetti cake doesn’t count as the grain recipe.

I hope you enjoyed taking a peek at my hopes and dreams for this month.  It always helps me get excited for the month to see a list of what I’m looking forward to (or what I need to make sure I do).  I’m pretty sure there’s a saying about how the first step to doing something is telling someone you’re going to do it.  I certainly think that telling someone can be a motivator or at least a form of accountability (unless you’re trying to edit a book, haha).  Here’s to accomplishing all 10 things (plus some surprises)!  Thanks so much for stopping by.  What are your plans for July?


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