May 2016


Among the changing months, May stands contest The sweetest, and in fairest colors dressed.  

– James Thomson

May has always been on of my most favorite months!  Maybe that is because it’s my birthday month. 🙂  And my husband’s birthday month!  But also because it is the month that really closes out Spring for me, and welcomes Summer and all which that season brings.

I always have high hopes for each month and season!  And I have quite a few fun things planned for May.  One of them involves the blog and taking a very big step…and I would share details now, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise!  Here are some top things I’m looking forward to doing this month:

  1. Learn how to make salsa and guacamole from my friend. Yummy.
  2. Teach my baby how to sit up on her own. She’s doing so good with crawling now!
  3. Begin editing my book.  For real this time.
  4. Celebrate our birthdays! SOOO much fun.  Our birthdays are one day after the other.
  5. Drive.  It will be my first time since the accident.  I don’t want to, but I have to.
  6. Celebrate All-American week! This is as close to “festival” as the Army gets!
  7. Make a big, exciting, *scary,* important, wonderful change to my blog!
  8. Focus on getting smooth, radiant skin and healthy, shiny hair.  I mentioned this in an earlier post, but basically I want to shift focus from trying every new makeup product out there and instead hone in on nourishing my skin and hair.

What are your plans for May?


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