10 Ways to Eat Apples


It’s my least favorite season right now–when it comes to fruit.  Even though I LOVE pomegranates, and clementines are pretty good, I find myself missing summer berries like. crazy. bad.  But, lucky for us, apples still abound in the grocery store, and here are 10 ways to put them to use in your own kitchen:

  1. Apple pie.  Because, duh.
  2. Homemade apple sauce.
  3. Old-fashioned apple pancakes.
  4. Salad (because its basically the best topping you can use).
  5. Candied apples.  Because, life.
  6. Hot Cinnamon apples.  (Apples, butter, cinnamon, a stove…you get the point).
  7. Apple Crumb.  WITH ICE CREAM.
  8. Apple streusel muffins.
  9. Grated Apple and Carrot slaw.  We’re trying to be healthy, people.
  10. Apple Rings Layers.  (Skin/core and apple, and fill each ring layer with peanut butter, nutella, cinnamon, mini chocolate morsels…anything).  See?  Healthy.

How ’bout them apples?

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