My Maskcara Beauty Haul & Review


Maskcara Beauty Haul

I can’t believe this day finally came!  I’ve been talking about getting Maskcara Beauty foundation for over a year.  I feel silly that it took me so long, especially considering how innovative, beautiful, and reasonably priced it is.  Two years ago, I tried one of their products and loved it, but never got around to purchasing the full foundation palette.  This year’s birthday, I finally took the plunge and couldn’t be happier with the results!

How Maskcara Beauty Came into my Life

I began following the beauty blog Maskcara in 2015.  I was really drawn to how kind, honest, and down-to-earth the blogger, Cara, was and still is today.  At the time, she had a very small line of beauty products going.  They were a couple cream foundations and a tube or two of liquid highlight.  I was drawn to the concept of “enhancing” your natural beauty, which is Maskcara’s ultimate goal.  Her blog, and makeup line, is a total reflection of that creed.

The Maskcara Beauty foundation (called IIID foundation) is innovative because it is designed to limit the amount of product needed to do a full coverage face with contour and highlight.  It was right in the middle of the contouring boom that she created the IIID foundation.  At the time (and still now), most makeup lines were advocating the same uniform system.  It goes something like this: using concealer to hide imperfections, then creating a “blank” canvas with a single-toned foundation, then setting it with powder, then chiseling out features with a  contour product, then accentuating other features with a highlight, and then adding warmth to the face with blush, etc.  It’s not a bad system, but it can take forever and requires layers of products (which add up on your skin and your wallet!)

The IIID system, dubbed as HACing, focuses on accentuating features without requiring product layering, setting powders, etc.   Cara’s own explanation of the process can be found on this page of her blog.  In short though, the contour and highlight are both foundation consistency.  That means the part of the face meant to be contoured is covered with the contour cream, and the part of the face that is meant to be bright is covered with highlight cream.  There is no “basic foundation tone” in the HAC system.  And a few squirts of setting spray takes the place of setting powders and translucent powders.

What intimidated me most about purchasing the IIID foundation was the process of creating my own custom palette.  There are a few starter palettes for people who don’t know their skin color needs, but I was DETERMINED that if I was going to spend $48, then the palette had to be perfectly tailored to my skin.  I hemmed and hawed over my colors for a year.  A YEAR.  Really silly, I know.

Then, early this year, Maskcara launched an “artists” program, meaning that her makeup line became an MLM company.  I started connecting with artists over Instagram, checking out their own color-matched clients.  Eventually, I found Amanda Earnest (@ocbeautymom) and she was fabulous.   And I mean fabulous.  We talked over the phone and she helped me build my palette based on two pictures of my face in natural light.  Before I knew it, my dreams had come true and a custom palette arrived on my doorstep (among other things!)

And now for the final reveal…

My Long-Awaited Maskcara Beauty Haul!

Maskcara Beauty Review

I knew I wanted a full-set of foundation, which is at least one contour, one highlight, one dual lip-cheek color, and one illuminator.  Each palette holds 4 of these color pans, and comes in two colors: sea glass and marble.  I went with marble, because, duh.  The last item I put in my cart was the “30-second HAC brush” which is a dual-ended brush specially designed to speed up the HACing process.  The IIID system recommends a blending sponge and a setting spray, but I have both of those already (though in different brands).

The IIID Foundation Singles


My singles, in order from top left to bottom right:

  • Pearl- the fairest of the IIID illuminators.  Its used in all the normal illumination places: tip of nose, bridge, etc.
  • Moonlight- the palest highlight of the IIID system.  Meant for the fairest complexions (I use under my eyes)
  • White Peach- my main IIID highlight shade (aka foundation). Intended for light skin without a lot of redness.
  • Nude- this is the least “colorful” IIID blush because I don’t love blush but HACing kinda requires a healthy color.
  • Ash- my contour cream.  I got this darker than what my skin “calls for” because I like a defined contour.
  • Shadow- I already had this.  Its very ashy/grey for realistic shadowing–perfect for brows and severe nose HAC.  It’s not pictured because it doesn’t have pretty packaging haha.  It’s old.

The consistency varies a bit depending on the product’s purpose.  For instance, while both the highlight and contour are “foundation” quality, the highlight is a bit denser for better concealment.  <–simply because the highlight is put under the eyes and on the forehead which are two serious points of concealment for many skin types.  The contour is ever so slightly less dense, though it still provides plenty of coverage.  The blush/lip color is even lighter in its consistency, which makes it blend better atop of the other products.  It also makes it comfortable as a lip product (nobody likes goopy lipstick).  The illuminator is the sheerest of all, and works perfectly when dabbed at the “highlight” points we all love in the world of slaying.

The 30-Second HAC Brush

30 Second HAC brush

Allow me to introduce you to the only facial brush I need now.  What I love about this brush is how intensely dense it is.  The tapered end behaves just like my Eco Tools foundation brush (but thicker), while the shorter end reminds me of my Real Techniques contour brush.  Whenever I see a “specialty” brush sold with products, I’m always slightly concerned that the brush isn’t really that necessary.  It feels like those are often being sold as a “necessity” for more profit.  I will say, however, that the 30-second HAC brush is legitimately necessary (at least for me) in evenly, quickly, and properly distributing the cream products on my face.

Once all the products are distributed, then they are to be blended with a beauty sponge of any kind.   I’m not picturing mine because it’s not part of my Maskcara Beauty Haul, but it is part of my IIID routine now!  Once the final look has been achieved, simply spritz with a finishing primer spray (I have found my MAC+ works best) and the makeup is set.  I have been told that really oily girls can dab powder where needed, but it’s nice that layers of powder is not required for this makeup!

My Favorite Qualities About Maskcara Beauty

I think this entire IIID system has a lot going for it.  While I wasn’t particularly desperate to find “that ONE foundation for the rest of my life,” I have really enjoyed adding Maskcara cosmetics to my collection.  And I definitely plan to repurchase, so maybe I really have found “it” or at least a strong contender for the “it” category.  I could make an entire post about why I like Maskcara Beauty (and I think I will) but for now here is my basic list of favorite qualities:

  • the packaging is gorgeous–not a solid reason to spend $48, but it makes it stand out from a lot of my products
  • the HACing system gives me a contoured face in about 3 minutes–which is SUCH a difference from the norm
  • the makeup is genuinely enjoyable to put on, and to wear–lightweight and comfortable on my skin
  • it’s build able–you can go from light/natural coverage to severe glam in a matter of minutes (and layers)
  • the colors are complimentary with each other and my skin–I’ve mixed highlight shades (like others have) and had a lot of success with that.  I don’t feel like the makeup line has any weird colors or shade issues.  All their options are beautiful and natural looking.

 A Few Minor Drawbacks to the IIID Foundation

I call these “minor” drawbacks because they aren’t enough to make me stop using the products.  And with the huge industry that makeup is, I find it easy to just dispose of a product when I find one or two flaws in it.  There are always other options.  However, because IIID is so revolutionary, I can’t just go grab a Maskcara dupe at Target.  And I don’t mind that, because having a custom-built palette is just what I was looking for.  Anyway, since I’m trying to make this review as well-rounded as possible, I thought I’d mention the few flaws I have found in the products so far:

  • cream-based foundations and contours take time to get used to–at least for me.  I’m in that process now.
  • the coverage is good for any color correction, but it doesn’t hide bumps on the skin (I’m pretty sure most foundations can’t).  Like, it won’t make your skin look plastic-smooth if you have some raised skin.
  • these first two weeks of wearing it, the makeup lasts for 4-6 hours.  When I first put it on, it only lasted for 2.  I attributed that to my lack of “piling it on” but it didn’t change the fact I was disappointed.  I talked to my Maskcara artist though and she said that it takes about two weeks for many clients’ skin to adjust to the new product.  The skin kind of goes through a “drinking” phase where it absorbs the makeup before the day is over.  I noticed it gradually stayed on longer and longer, as each day passed, so I think she was definitely onto something about my skin!  She also said some clients have ditched primer and found that helped a lot.  I don’t know if I can do that because I LOVE the spf 30 in my primer, but I might use my MAC+ spray before and after makeup application.

IIID Foundation by Maskcara Beauty

Would I Recommend Maskcara Beauty to Others

In one word: YES.  I think this makeup is beautiful.  I think the IIID system is brilliant.  And, I think Maskcara Beauty is a wonderful company.  Did I mention they have eyeshadows, a brush collection, and innovative 2-STORY PALETTES??  I would highly recommend going through an artist to purchase, because getting color-matched is key to the IIID foundation working properly.  (However, if you’re adverse to working with an artist, just get online and order it on your own the way you would order any other makeup online).  Follow (or stalk) their Instagram page and see if their work is something you are planning to achieve.  You might find a more seasoned makeup artist, or someone who really perfects the IIID look you are hoping for.

Also, I would recommend knowing what you’re looking for in the makeup– do you want an extremely natural look, or a chiseled, “glam” look?  Telling the artist your preferences will help decide if you should go with a contour and highlight that are close in shading, or a contour and highlight that a remarkably different.  Personally, I wanted a dramatic difference between my two shades, but many, many clients don’t.  Your artist will be able to tell you which highlights and contours will work on your skin tone, and often there is more than one shade that you can go with.

But to recap, I would absolutely buy it.  Having a palette custom-colored to meet your complexion’s exact needs is a huge step in making sure your makeup is “naturally” flawless.  And being able to accomplish a contoured/highlighted face in under 5 minutes is a really big achievement to me–especially as a busy mama.  So, if you’re on the fence about trying this, I say take the plunge!  I’m really glad that I did.

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for sticking around!  I hope that my Maskcara Beauty Haul helped you decide whether or not you should try some IIID yourself!  Or, if you’ve never heard of Maskcara Beauty before, hopefully now you’ll be interested to try it.  I think this company has a lot more in store for its clients, so I’m looking forward to their next product launch!  I know yesterday they produced a new silver-mauve eyeshadow called the “Bend and Snap” which everyone is raving about on Instagram.  Let me know if you check it out, or if you’ve tried Maskcara Beauty before!  I love reading beauty reviews in the comment section.  Thanks for stopping by!

~~Tiny but important note:  I was not in ANY way paid or influenced to endorse, recommend, or review my Maskcara Beauty Haul.  Similarly, finding an artist to work with is an extremely optional and personal decision, and I was not marketed or pressured in any way to make a purchase I didn’t already want to make.  I really enjoyed my customer experience with Maskcara Beauty and plan to remain a client!~~

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Beauty Haul: Clinique


Since I just recently posted my mostly-Burt’s-Bees-skincare routine, you may be wondering why I placed a Clinique skincare order the same week.  I have my own concerns about that as well.  But I also have an excellent explanation.

In my skincare routine, I happened to discuss my go-to revolutionary product, Clinique’s All About Eyes cream.  Well, it also just so happened that I was running very low on my go-to revolutionary product.  But when I went to purchase it at my local PX, I was a little intimidated by the $32 price tag.  For a 0.5oz bottle. Not even a full OUNCE of product.  For $32.  This is probably an appropriate moment for me to insert the fact that I don’t believe that skincare has a price tag.  The way I see it, you only have one set of skin to take care of, and it’s hard (though not impossible) to reverse damage.  Prevention is KEY to proper skincare, imho.  With that kind of reasoning, I decided to go for the cream and it’s $32 price tag, on one condition: that I got a bunch of free products.

Fortunately for me, Clinique online was having an all-American July celebratory sale.  They really get America.  They had a deal running that if you spend $40, you get 4 free minis and free shipping.  I was almost at $40 with simply my one eye product, so I purchased a basic moisturizing lotion since I’m running low.   Then I looked around online to see if there were any coupon codes and was happy to discover a code that would add a mini-duo to any purchase.  I felt like 6 free products, even though they were “minis,” was enough incentive to make a Clinique purchase.  After all, I had been close to purchasing the eye product at the PX, full-price with no freebies!

Before I move onto the haul, I just wanted to give a shout-out to my sister-in-law who taught me how to “shop Clinique.” She is the person who got me into their skincare in the first place.  And she told me the big secret to buying high end guilt-free is to wait until there is some kind of deal going on.  Clinique is one of the few companies that gives away multiple products with your purchase, as long as you time your purchase right.  Well, I have to say I didn’t expect to spend under $50 on EIGHT Clinique products…but there you have it!



All About Eyes

I’ll start out with the product responsible for my Clinique haul.  This is my absolute favorite eye cream in the entire world.  As I’m sure many of you know, the eye area is one of the most sensitive parts of the skin, and also one of the thinnest.  Translation: it must be treated delicately.  But what many might not know is that there actually are eye creams that make a difference.  My sister-in-law gifted me a mini size of this cream to take on my honeymoon.  I was excited to try out something made specifically for the eyes, but wondered if it would make more of a difference than normal moisturizer put around the eye area.  IT DOES.

While this product says it is specifically designed to reduce dark circles and puffy bags, it does much more than that.  I have a lot of natural shadowing under my eyes, which this definitely helped.  But more than anything, it completely erased my smile lines.  Granted, I’m in my twenties and the smile lines certainly were not deep.  But they were there and I wanted to treat them.  Treat them, this did.  And now you know why I got three containers of this cream.   Small note–the dark ruby cream pot pictured above is still All About Eyes, but its the *rich* version.  It is still designed to target the eyes and correct the same issues as the normal version of the cream.



Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion +

I remember my grandmother using this cream, and giving me her empty bottle to add to my “makeup collection.”  Nostalgia might have played a *slight* role in my decision to purchase this.  Also, I wanted to give it a try because it’s price was fair and I needed moisturizer.  It’s only a few bucks more than my beloved Burt’s Bees Radiance Night Cream, and I was going to purchase some of that soon.   I am so glad I gave this a try.

It is buttery, light, and moisturizes my skin very well.  A little goes a long way, which I always appreciate in a skincare product.  To be honest, it definitely does not have the nicest smell, but it also doesn’t stink.  It wears well under my makeup, and I generally like wearing it.  One of my freebies was a mini-sized version of this lotion–yay!



Clinique Smart Custom-Repair Serum

If I wasn’t so blown away by the All About Eyes cream, then this product would definitely win first place in my haul.  It is a serum meant to diminish fine lines, lift and firm skin, even skin tone, reduce dark spots, and improve the radiance and texture of the skin.  All I can say is that this has to be one of the best products I have ever put on my skin.  And I don’t say that lightly.

It comes out of the pump in a semi-lotion form, almost like a thin and watery lotion.  It seeps deep into the skin very quickly.   I am not exaggerating when I say that it changed my skin’s texture dramatically as I smoothed it on for the first time.  As much as I love makeup and skincare, they rarely give me “Aha!” moments, but this product really did.  Is it wrong for me to say I wish I never met this product?  A 12-week supply is over $150.  *bitter tears*  Would it also be wrong for me to say it would be worth it?



Moisture Surge Intense

This freebie seems to be a cross between the serum and lotion I purchased.  It’s an intense moisturizer that focuses not only on dehydration, but also repairing the skin’s barrier.  Apparently it can plump the skin for up to 24 hours, which sounds good to me!  I haven’t tried this yet but am looking forward to it.



Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief

This cream focuses more on hydration than repair.  While this cream is meant to plump the skin like the one mentioned above, this one also creates a dewy and radiant glow.  It does so by enhancing natural hyaluronic acid (which Clinique calls nature’s moisture magnet).  It is also a 24-hr cream, which makes me hopeful that a little will go a long way with this one.  Which would be great, since I only have a little bit of it to begin with! haha

That is the conclusion of my Clinique haul.  Even though it was technically a skincare splurge to spend so much on just two products, I really feel it’s worth it.  Ever since my challenge days of not spending money on makeup, I have felt the value of skincare products over makeup products.  Note: I still LOVE makeup and wearing and purchasing it.  But I have learned that I can get away with using a $5 eyeliner pencil instead of a $25, but that my skin will pay the price if I do the same with moisturizers.  Another note: there are MANY lovable drugstore skincare products.  Just read my latest skincare routine.  But I am very excited to have these products as part of my skincare collection, because I really think they are wonderful and I know my skin will love them.

Thank you so much for reading.  If you have tried any of the products, or have one to recommend, leave a comment below!  And just as a note, this post was in no way sponsored– I definitely spent my own money on this haul.  And it was worth it!



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Birthday Ulta Haul and Review



My birthday trip to Ulta was teeming with fun!  I got so many items, and just so happened to catch their BOGO Maybelline sale!  That was my only reason for the many Maybelline items. 0:)  This is more than just a regular Ulta Haul, because #1 it was my birthday and #2 I have used each of these makeup items and am more than pleased with all of them!  And you know, that is not always the case with beauty hauls.



Maybelline Dream BB Fresh Cream – 100 Light

I made a beeline for this product when I got into the store.  A fellow blogger had just mentioned that it was a great summer product and I really wanted to try it.  Well, it’s more than a great product for me…it’s my go-to foundation now.  I don’t say those words lightly, either.  But I have found that this wears comfortably on my skin, doesn’t clog my pores, and looks more natural/attractive than regular foundation.  It has very sheer coverage, however paired with a powder (see below), this covers my face just as effectively (but MUCH more naturally) than foundation does.  As a bonus, it has many benefits to it that a foundation doesn’t promise: blurs imperfections, enhances, brightens, adjusts skin tone, smoothes, hydrates, protects with SPF 30, and is lightweight.  Ha!  Foundation, you don’t stand a chance.



Maybelline Fit Me Powder – 110 Porcelain 

IMG_20160624_170646I got this powder on the recommendation of my sister, and I’m so glad I got it!  My previous setting powder was the famous Nyx Finishing Powder, but unfortunately at the time they were sold out of the ever-popular Banana color.  I bought the Nyx in Translucent and was never very happy with it.  Not only was the Nyx’s extremely sheer coloring unhelpful in providing coverage, but it also didn’t look very natural on my skin.  I think what bothered me the most about it, however, was its propensity to be cakey.  It just didn’t wear well on my skin, and I didn’t like using it for anything except to set my under-eye concealer.  (And now this is becoming a review on the Nyx Finishing Powder).  ENTER FIT ME POWDER.  I still opted for a lighter shade, but its coverage ability is far superior to the Nyx Finishing Powder.  Even though most powders can look cakey on the skin if over-applied, this one is definitely more natural-looking and seeps into my BB cream nicely.  It does exactly what it says it will–it sets and smooths.  No more Nyx Finishing Powder for me (unless its under the eyes, bc the lighter the better)!  I will be repurchasing this Fit Me powder for sure!



Maybelline Master Prime – 200 Blur + Illuminate

I have to attribute some of my BB cream and powder success to this product.  I raved about it before.  It is a very good primer, and quite affordable.  My BB and powder set nicely and will stay on for hours with this product beneath them.  I love the pinkish tint it has, as well as its slight rose smell.  There are two other primers in this line, one which blurs and smooths, and one which blurs and controls redness.  I have yet to try either, but I wouldn’t mind, as I have purchased an repurchased this one!


Maybelline Eyeshadow Palette – The Nudes

IMG_20160624_170501This was my final Maybelline item of the haul.  I am obsessed with brown and neutral eyeshadow palettes, and anything with a shimmer is my style!  I was impressed with the price point of this palette, as well as the variety of shades.  Sometimes the larger palettes or shade family palettes tend to repeat colors, but I feel like this palette offers a broad color spectrum.  About half the shades are shimmery and half are matte, which is also a good ratio to me.  Their color transfer and opaqueness obviously varies from shade to shade, but I have been overall pleased with their pigmentation and wearability.  I haven’t experienced color fallout or creasing either, which is a huge bonus.  Overall, I would say this is a very good palette for its price point, color variety, and pigment quality.  I wouldn’t say its a high-end eyeshadow palette in disguise, but if you are looking for good-quality drugstore eyeshadows in attractive neutral colors, I would highly recommend this one.  I am so pleased with it and have been wearing it almost exclusively since purchasing it!


L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow – Iced Latte

As previously mentioned, I adore shimmer shadows.  My first experience with the Infallible Eyeshadow pots was with their Amber Rush shade from my PX haul.  I totally love it and so buying more was a no-brainer.  They are highly pigmented eyeshadow pots with a velvet consistency and absolutely no fallout or creasing.  Even though there are a few matte shades in the line, they are almost exclusively glittery.  A few of them, like this one, feel like foil eyeshadow, as they are so shiny, pigmented, and opaque.  When I wear them, I almost always apply them with my finger and not a brush.  They just pat onto the eyelid so perfectly with my finger and stay put that I feel a brush would only break up the product application and fan out the color too much.  It is too easy for me to say these are the very best eyeshadows I have ever used.  One last word: waterproof.  <–but they come off with regular makeup removing wipes at the end of the day.


L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow – Silver Sky

And now that you know how much I love these eyeshadows (see above) you’re probably not at all surprised that I bought two of them.  This one reminds me a lot of my Ulta Glitter Eye Top Coat in Put a Ring on It, which is basically a pan of pressed glitter.  I would say this is a slightly more delicate glitter than the Ulta one though, as this one has smaller glitter particles and a smoother texture.  This color is more sheer than the Amber Rush and Iced Latte Infallibles though.  With those two, you get an opaque color that shimmers, shines, and glows.  With this color, it adds a glitter and sparkle to your eyelid and whatever color you already have applied.  Even though I think it would be gorgeous if this eyeshadow did give off a grey and sparkly pigment, I am still so happy with the product’s velvety texture that I don’t mind.  Plus a bonus to its sheerness is that it can be worn under the eye, on the brow bone, or even on the outsides of the eyes for a dramatic touch.


Sexy Hair Hairspray- Spray & Play

Last but not least, here is my truly *birthday* item.  The candle cupcake bottle is just too perfect!  Too bad I rarely use hairspray, because the packaging is cute enough for me to want to use it daily.  I generally use hairspray just to set the top of a hairstyle in, but sometimes I do spray the lengths of my hair if its curled.  This is a volumizing hairspray, which is great for down ‘dos, and that’s how I usually style my hair anyways!  Even if I don’t use this frequently, it is nice to be able to tuck this into my hair product arsenal for the next special occasion when I need it.  Plus I was excited to get this for free, because who doesn’t love freebies?

That is the end of my birthday Ulta haul.  I hope you go out and try some of these products!  I know it sounds silly but I like reading reviews of products I own, so if you do buy something from my Ulta haul, let me know!  I’d love to hear what you think about the product too, and if you write a review on it, be sure to send me the link.

Thanks so much for reading!

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Fashion Haul: Post Exchange


Once upon a time, I took a pledge not to buy any makeup during the month of May in an effort to save money and focus my attention on my skin/hair.

Little known fact: when you don’t spend money on makeup, you find other ways to spend it, i.e. clothes.  And once you start buying clothes, you don’t always stop.  And then you have a clothes addiction on your hand.

And a Post Exchange clothing haul.

I went to the Post Exchange (AKA the PX) to buy t-shirts, and was more than successful.  If you’ve never heard of the Post Exchange before, then just think of it as the Army’s version of Target.  Its inventory varies from military post to military post, but its overall purpose is to provide name brands and a variety of options for families who may be living where there aren’t many stores.  (Don’t feel too bad for us…with online shopping we have the world at our fingertips like everybody else).  But I still love going to the PX…and who doesn’t love tax-free shopping?

Anyway, I snagged some shirts that have become my new favorites, as well as some tops that are “new territory” for me in the style world.  Let me know what you think!


First of all, I had to buy this beauty because it was 1) in my color and 2) had lace-of-sorts on it.


I wouldn’t exactly call this one “my color” but it was half tank-top and half teeshirt so it caught my attention.  As did it’s lacey tassel situation.  I just like it.  It is a definite step outside my usual style and so that was exciting.  But maybe I shouldn’t give myself too much credit– I haven’t worn it yet, and bravely buying clothes is not the same as wearing something outside your comfort zone.


Then I bought two shirts with ruching. These are an adjustment for me too, as I kind of hate ruching. I guess I associate ruching with a pregnancy wardrobe–although that’s kind of odd since I didn’t wear ruching at all when I was pregnant.  Anyway, even though the ruching almost convinced me not to purchase them, their fabric was so incredibly soft that I couldn’t resist.

IMG_20160529_155500The shirts obviously don’t scoop at the hem when you wear them, but the picture makes it look like that.  I really loved the colors (besides the feel) of these two, which is partly why I bought them.


This might possibly be my favorite shirt in the haul.  It is stretchy, soft, and has quality weight to the fabric.  I liked the criss-cross neck because it adds a nice detail to an otherwise plain black tee (and I have MORE than my share of those).


So I got this tee purely for kicking around the house while I blog, cook, clean, and otherwise generally “mom” around.  You can’t really tell in the photo, but the letters are covered in glitter.  Which I loved.  Until after wearing it for 15 minutes and I had successfully covered my daughter, my husband, myself, and basically the entire room in glitter.  It spread alarmingly fast and stuck with the power of wet concrete.  Needless to say, this shirt is being returned.  Glitter-covered receipt and all.


This soft and stretchy micro-ribbed tee is my other favorite of the haul.  It is ridiculously soft, comfy, and well-fitted.  I don’t mind that the hem has an unfinished look to it–it kind of suits its casual design and fabric.


Last but not least, I got a pair of shorts inspired by Anna Kendrick’s sailor pants during the Barden Bella’s Finale performance in the movie Pitch Perfect.  Well, that’s probably not what the designer was inspired by, but that’s what went through my head when I bought them.

That is finally the end of my haul! I didn’t bother including the brands because none of these were brand-name clothes, and I haven’t seen these brands sold anywhere besides the PX.  If you’re curious about a brand, leave a comment below!  Thanks so much for reading!


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Fashion Haul: More Charlotte Russe


In the interest of not spending a lot of money on makeup, I made a pledge not to buy makeup for the entire month of May.

And instead, I went to the mall and bought clothes.

Logic.  Don’t we love it?

But really, I needed summer shorts.  I have mixed feelings about shorts in general (read: mixed feelings about the shorts I own).  It’s not that I hate shorts.  Quite the contrary, I basically live in them.  In my house.  But out of my house…yeah, um, no.  I just don’t like shorts that are long–I find them pretty unflattering on my legs.  And I don’t like wearing shorts that are short–it’s just not appropriate in public for my taste.



I was blown away by these beauties.  They have a soft and stretchy waist that sits just perfectly on the hips.  They are breezy and light and perfect for the summer heat.  They are feminine and gorgeous and almost kinda feel like you are wearing a skirt, but do not worry— there are no 90’s “skort” vibes going on here.  They are the perfect balance of shorts, lace, and femininity.


I got them in two colors.  It was buy one for $22 and then get the other for $6.  Random pricing, I know.  But still, a fair deal.


And then since I was there, I HAD to get two more of the body con cotton skirts.  I raved about them in my last haul because they are very rave-able.  Basically, picture a form-fitting pencil skirt in the world’s most comfortable cotton that sits ON YOUR HIPS, people.  Buisness doesn’t get any comfier than this.


And of course I bought it in two colors because, why not?  I’m pretty sure they were each $6.

And there you have it.  My money-saving-on-makeup Charlotte Russe shopping spree.  I hope it inspired you to go out and get some fun and feminine pieces for your wardrobe!  Maybe I even taught you a thing or two about finances: save up on makeup to spend out on clothes.  Stretching it?….yeah I think so.

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