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I’m Jennifer!

I’m a twenty-something Army wife, mama bear, animal lover, writer, and musician. ¬†In case you had already guessed, that doesn’t leave a lot of time for having a real grown-up job, so I don’t. ūüôā ¬†I married my college sweetheart (high school crush) and we currently live wherever the Army dictates, with our sweet baby girls and our adorable labrador retriever.

My music life is all about the cello and piano, though I do love to sing and play guitar. ¬†And I like listening to music– if that counts. ¬†My writing life: everything.¬†¬†That’s why I blog. ¬†But like, “for real, for real” I write juvenile novels, aside from academic work. ¬†And I send emails. ¬†Kinda counts.

What can you expect from this blog: ¬†I typically write posts about Army life from the perspective of a wife (see below).¬†¬†Occasionally you will see beauty posts, as pretty much anything related to makeup is a major hobby horse of mine. ¬†At some point, I might go on a few rants related to my writing pursuits (either blogging or novelizing) but that’s in the future.

So either fortunately or unfortunately–depending on how you look at it–this blog will have less of a theme and more of an all-encompassing purpose of documenting the many moments and inspirations that occur in my daily life. ¬†(read: RANDOM INFORMATION. ¬†I’m a writer. ¬†This is how we do). ¬†Stay tuned for content on: US Army life, make up, pets, cooking, crafting, holidays, philosophy, writing, and…of course, family life! ¬†See you soon.

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A quick but important note: ¬†You may notice that I almost exclusively refer to soldiers with a masculine pronoun. ¬†I also tend to only speak from a wife’s perspective. ¬†This is in no way meant to disrespect the females in uniform, or their husbands/parents supporting them from the home front. ¬†I am extremely proud of my female family and friends who serve. ¬†I only do this because I want to be as honest as possible when sharing, and I can’t pretend to know what it feels like to be a parent or male spouse or daughter of a mother who served. ¬†I try to phrase things as coming from the experiences of a wife, whose husband serves and whose father served. ¬†I hope you’ll understand why I explain things the way I do, and how my perspective has been shaped by my experiences both past and present.

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