2016 Official Launch

A topic launch?  It’s already 4 days into 2016!  Blog posts have been written, days have passed…it’s not time for a launch.

Unless you’re a phlegmatic procrastinator like me. 🙂

     In which case, a launch 4 days-in is totally normal.  It’s just how we do.  It’s pretty effective too.  It’s healthy!  Well, maybe that’s taking it too far.

This isn’t an “official launch” because none of my other posts didn’t count.  It’s because its’ the launch of a bunch of topic dreams that I have had in mind.   Let me explain.

Basically I have so many categories to add to my blog…and so many posts to file under them.  I have a list of posts that I want to materialize onto my blog.  Even more, I have a vision of what I want my blog to look like.

I can’t give away allllllll my secrets, because then you wouldn’t have anything to be surprised by.  But I want you to have something to look forward to, so at least I can give you a sneak peek, right?  To be on the safe side, I’ll just give a rough sketch of what you can expect in January.

I’m planning to post a three-part topic on haircuts, hairdressers, and the like.  It’s not so much a “how-to” as much as a “my-experience” kind of post.  I’m also planning a few beauty reviews as well as one or two baby product reviews.  I also have a secret recipe to share…but it’s not an ordinary recipe, it’s a beauty secret recipe!  There might be a few more topics coming up…but maybe I’ll let those ones be a surprise!

Is there anything else you want to see on my blog this month?

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Blog Resolutions

In keeping with my current blog post theme this year–namely 2016 and resolutions, I thought I’d make some blog resolutions.  I want to make them public because I’ve heard that helps with accountability (sometimes, haha, but when you’re phlegmatic like me, sometimes nothing can save you lol).  But also, I want to make them public because they affect my readers and ultimately my blog.

1.  Less might be more.  I want to write less articles once my one-month challenge is up.  Even though coming up with a daily post is a fun challenge, I want my articles to pack more punch and be even more thoughtful and well-constructed.  I think that means keeping a draft around for a day or two, instead of hitting the ‘publish’ button minutes after writing a post.

2.  Involve Pinterest.  (Yes, Pinterest might be a totally cliche resolution considering Pinterest is probably the center of many 2016 dream projects. But I had to save myself with something predictable considering that my list of resolutions started out with doing less.haha)  I want to involve Pinterest in my blog.  Should I tell you how or should I let you wait and see?

3.  Photos.  I am not a photographer, but I really want to make a lot of photos happen on this blog.  I love blogs with photos and so I need to make that a definite characteristic of my blog.

4.  Improve my blog-writing skills.  I’m an English major, so maybe you’d think I’d have the hang of this.  But yeah, no.  Writing a blog post is nothing like writing a paper, even though I make it sound like it.  I get waaaaay too much on thesis-chapter-mode when I write and I overcomplicate my sentences with excess punctuation and clauses.  I need to get a better grip on article-style writing.  That’s feedback that I’ve personally received from an editor, and what I’ve noticed on my own blog thus far.  At least I know what I don’t know…right?…or do I lose credit for recognizing that? haha

5.  Increase readership.  I know this is probably the goal of every blogger, but uhh…hey, can I join the ranks? 🙂 I’m grateful for every ‘click’ and page read!  And any more I can earn this year would make me feel like my blog is that much brighter and fulfilling of a project.

I’m leaving it there for now!  There are obviously many more things I can think of to improve my blog, and definitely things I want to accomplish with it.  But I want to take this whole blog-thing slowly and enjoy the process without making it a major stress.  So, baby steps.  🙂  Only 5 resolutions…but definitely some dreams in the back of my mind.  So stay tuned for some improvements and fun!


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New Year’s Resolutions 2016

I am definitely a new year’s resolutions-kind-of-person.  I think they’re fun, and I also think they are valuable.  Even though it can be easy to overdo it and make too many resolutions, I think it’s better to be an overachiever in this matter than an underachiever.

I find that lists help me get things done, and so creating a list of things I want to do or improve is a good way for me to make it become a reality.  In addition, I’m definitely a sentimental person, and sometimes new year’s has a slight bittersweet taste for me.  I always miss last year.:)  But resolutions make me excited about what I have to look forward to.

When I make resolutions (though I didn’t make this year’s yet!) I sometimes like to make categories.  I like making a few resolutions that are kind of unavoidable, like if I’m pregnant, I make the resolution to give birth. haha  The reason I like doing that kind of resolution is because it reminds me of what big or exciting things are in my future.  (Plus it’s nice to have some guaranteed success, lol).   My second category is the usual–things I want to do (ex. publish my book, grow my blog, start an indoor garden, etc) and things I want to improve (ex. my french, my piano repertoire, my cello time).  Then I like making a few spiritual goals as well–like more prayer time or completing a certain spiritual book.  If I want to improve in the next year then I definitely need to make spiritual progress!

Oh and last but not least, one big tradition I have is to save my list of resolutions.  It’s really fun to look back and see what was important to me each year.  And some things seem to make it on my list every year! *cough cough FRENCH cough*

What made it onto your list this year?

*Read next: Check out my New Year’s Resolutions for 2017*

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Happy New Year!

This is the beginning of 2016.  We all have hopes and dreams for this year, and I just know they are going to come true.  Some are “investment” dreams…meaning we can work on them this year and they will develop within the next few.  Others are “soon-successes”…meaning that sometime soon, this year, with effort and hope, they will be achieved.  (I am particularly hopeful that my blog resolutions will come to fruition this year!)

I can’t wait for all the blessings that this year has in store for us all!

Happy 2016!

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2015 Finale

It’s that time of year…the last day of the year to be exact.  In a way, it’s the finale of the year.  But most of the time, I think people focus on the fact that the new year is about to begin.   Today I just want to recall that it’s the final day of an absolutely amazing year.  2015 saw so many blessings for me:

  1.  My husband and I moved in to our first apartment. <3  Even though it was romantic living in hotels, there is nothing as romantic as setting up your house together for the first time, and calling it your home.  We did, and it was so special.  It was everything we had been dreaming about for the past four years.
  2. I got pregnant.  I can’t even describe how happy and even a bit surprised I was when I discovered there was a little baby inside of me.  Even though pregnancy comes with it’s ups and downs, I have to say that my pregnancy was a blessing in 2015.  Watching my baby grow (inside me!!!) was a life-changing experience and a beautiful testament to the beauty of life.
  3. Our little precious baby, Sophia, was born.  I could write post after post about the experience of giving birth…an experience like no other!  But I think what really and truly is something like no other is gazing into the tiny eyes of a little person who is the image of yourself.  Feeling a little beating heart pressed up against yours, snuggled deeply and full of trust…it’s truly breathtaking.  I discovered myself in an even greater way when I discovered my baby Sophia.  The saying about babies is completely true…love at first sight.  Dear little Sophie…your first breath took ours away.

I don’t think that 2016 will be able to top my 2015!  Then again, when 2015 began, I had no idea that so many blessings would be in store for me.  I am so excited to discover all the joys that lie in wait just around the clock.  Cheers to 2015, and greetings to a new and merry 2016!

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It’s a tough decision for those of us with hair that is anywhere past shoulder-length…at what point during my washing ritual should I brush out my hair?  I’ve tried timing it in everyday possible.  I would brush my hair out before washing it, or after putting conditioner in it, or while it was still wet after my shower, and even sometimes not until it was mostly dry. Naturally, these all yielded different results.  I definitely have a preferred method, which I’ll reveal at the very end!

  • Brushing hair before the shower.  I recommend this.  It removes tangles before your hair gets hit with water and rubbed with cleansers.  But of course remember, this can’t substitute brushing your hair out post-wash.
  • Brushing hair with conditioner in it.  This is done best with a wide-tooth comb.  Using a regular hair brush (even a fabulous “wet brush”…LOVE those) can risk pulling out delicate hair that is made even more delicate by the water.  But using a wide-tooth comb to detangle hair while conditioner oozes through your locks…a good idea!
  • Brushing hair out after toweling it.  It’s the way you probably first learned.  After washing your hair, you towel off your head and then comb through your hair.  Again, you hair is wet and this is a sensitive (read: DELICATE) time for your hairs.  They are more prone to breakage when wet, so proceed with caution.  You should use a wide-tooth comb here too.  In my experience, this can sometimes pull out more hair then the brushing-while-conditioning process because the constant run of water (and silky conditioner) frees tangles better than simply combing through wet/towel dried hair.
  • Last but not least, there is letting your hair air-dry, and combing it out once it’s dry.  *Nobody would ever do this if they were using a drier, which is why this applies to air-dryers only.*  I have done this, and once upon a time it was my “preferred” method.  But that was when I was twelve.  Point in case.  I used a regular brush and dragged it through until all the tangles were out.  BAD IDEA. Also, this makes it INCREDIBLY hard for your hair to dry attractively because it dried tangled and then was brushed out.  So yeah…this is a “possibility” but definitely not a recommendation.

So, all in all, when do I recommend you brush your hair out during the washing-drying process?  Whether you are blow drying or not, your going to need your hair detangled.  And the winner is…combing in the shower!

I have found this to be my most tried-and-true healthy way to detangle my hair.  It allows me to pat it dry with an old tee-shirt (terry cloth towels make your hair frizzy) and then do a touch-up combing before putting on my leave-in products.  It feels gentler and is much easier than trying to detangle after the shower when your hair is partially towel-dried.  Honestly in the end, I think it dries better too!  If you haven’t tried combing through your hair after putting conditioner on it…grab a wide-tooth comb and watch your hair transform into a silky waterfall of luxury.  Or something like that. 🙂

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5 Ways to Instantly Feel Beautiful

Do you ever walk by the mirror and surprise yourself with a more-than-expectedly-disheleved appearance?  This sometimes happens routinely.  🙂  I remember how I did my makeup, but I forget that my hair was in that nursing-topknot and crying/laughing watching youtube videos washed said-makeup down the corners of my eyes. I look in the mirror.  SURPRISE.

Then comes the scramble when I take the clips out of my topknot and begin dabbing the corners of my fallen mascara away.  It’s an easy fix, and I look like how I meant to again.  Not a crisis.

But then there are those days that ARE a crisis.  It doesn’t matter how you did your makeup, and even though your topknot is cute-in-a-messy-way to everyone else, it doesn’t look cute to you.  And THAT t-shirt…now you’re just not feeling pretty.

STOP. Don’t doubt your beauty.  Just stop and do a few things to remind yourself how beautiful you are.  And honestly, feeling beautiful is more than half the battle.

  1. Pour yourself a glass of ice water.  Take a long, deep sip of ice cold water and let it run through your body.  Water makes you feel (and look) slimmer, and will boost your mood while lowering your appetite.
  2. Change your hair.  If it’s down, put it up.  If it’s up, let it down.  The opposite of what you currently have going on will make you feel like you did something nice to yourself in just a matter of seconds.
  3. Make sure what you’re wearing fits.  If your t-shirt is comfy but just waaaaaay too baggy on the sleeves, pop on something else.  Whenever I feel less-than-good, clothing is almost always the culprit.
  4. Put on a few touches of makeup, (and that DEFINITELY includes perfume).  It doesn’t have to be a ton, it can be as simple as moisturizer and lip balm.  But put something on your face that makes it feel softer, more luxurious, and if you’re feeling up to it…highlighted.  Some dark kohl liner under your eyes, or some long sweeps of mascara to your eyelashes can be enough to pop a feature and make you feel good.
  5. Do 1 thing you need to do.  This isn’t totally beauty related.  But oddly enough, it will make you feel better.  Sometimes feeling successful is trait we associate with beauty–because beauty makes us feel good and put-together, and getting something done does the same thing.  Related?  I think so.  For some reason, you feel incredibly amazing, sipping that cold water with your hair in a newly done ponytail, with a good fitting tee and some bold mascara while sending THAT ONE EMAIL that you’ve been putting off.


Feel more beautiful?  Me too!

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What to Buy After Christmas

What to Buy After Christmas

You’ve seen the sales.  It’s all too tempting.  Though there are remarkably less piles of merchandise spilling out of stores the day or two after Christmas, they’re still there.  And they’re calling you.  Or at least, they are definitely calling me.  And every year I’m faced with the same opportunity to make a mature decision, or just blow all my money on sales.  The thing is, how are you benefiting from a “sale” if you are buying things you don’t need?  Sure, they are discounted.  But if you don’t need them, are you really doing yourself a service?  I say in some circumstances, yes!  These are things that I think you can easily (and in good conscience) purchase post-Christmas:

  1.  Wrapping paper, tissue paper, bows, string, etc.  Even if you can’t use the wrapping paper til Christmas, you won’t regret having beautiful new rolls of it lying in wait under your Christmas ornament bins.  There is nothing wrong with having a good supply of this, especially if you’re The Wrapping Paper Police.
  2. Ornaments, wreaths, baubles, etc.  I know you probably already have enough decorations, but then again, is there ever enough?  Christmas decorations actually do come in “styles” and sometimes your style might go-out so to speak and won’t be readily available next year!  Point in case…look at popular pinterest pins this year.  They won’t be the same in a year or two from now.  So if that canvas-feather anthropologie-vibe woodland animal ornament collection is your thing, buy it.  Because next year we might be doing vibrant jewel-toned trees and decor.
  3. Christmas gifts!  If you haven’t exchanged gifts with someone, as crazy as that sounds, then buy their gift after Christmas.  Depending on the gift, there is a likelihood that it will be on sale.  And even though you’ve probably given almost everyone their Christmas gift…you still may have one or two people that you haven’t seen yet that you’re planning to give to.  Now’s the time to get their present!
  4. Warm-weather gear.  This only applies to my northern friends. 🙂  Often the warm-weather clothing/accessories goes on sale after the holidays because everyone has had a crack at giving it as gifts.  But the cold weather has only just begun!  Buy it now because you’ll still be wearing it two months from now.
  5. Last but (duh!) not least…MAKEUP!  All the sparkles and special-edition makeup, nail polish, and hair accessories are out right now.  And many of them are on sale.  Get the glitter now because the spring is for clean and fresh colors.  Later on in the summer, you’ll want to start pulling out the sun-kissed sparkles, and now is your chance to stock up.

Things NOT to buy.  More toys, just because they are on sale.  You bought enough already.  More kitchen gadgets, just because they are on sale.  Your kitchen is full enough.  Christmas potpourri or scented gifts.  They will lose their scent before next Christmas.  (CANDLES ARE LIFE AND THEY ARE THE EXCEPTION TO THIS).  Perishable Christmas foods–mixes, kits, and tins of goodies.  These are fun in small, time-appropriate doses.  You won’t want to make a gingerbread house in March, so you don’t need to buy another kit just because it’s on sale.  That stuff will taste better (and be fresher) next year when it’s been 11 months since you last had it.

Then again, the whole point of shopping is to have fun and get things.  And the whole point of a sale is to feel good doing that!  So with that in mind, hit those sales and tell me what you picked up. 🙂

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Boxing Day

Boxing Day...please share what you do on this day!

Happy Boxing Day!

I thought today’s post might be a bit of a history lesson. When I worked at a jewelry store last year, our store was offering coupons to customers. The expiration date on the coupon was December 26. –for those of you who are worried, this isn’t the history lesson– I told the customers as I handed it to them, “This is good through Boxing Day.” And they would always be like, “What?” And they asked me what Boxing Day was.


Or am I the only one?… Isn’t it marked on everybody’s calendars? Even if you don’t know how to celebrate it, don’t you realize you’re supposed to? Okay, so for the history lesson…

Well, there is a little history there, but not much. Basically, the day after Christmas means many things to many different cultures. To many Christians, it is known as St. Stephen’s day. To Canadians and Brits, it’s Boxing Day. The different names for it usually stand behind a different history, but I’ll share with you the history as I was told by my Polish grandmother (who was from Canada).

Boxing day is the day (in Canada) that you put out all your boxes from Christmas on the street corner. If you were a little kid, you would be playing with those boxes and making a fort or something out of them. It’s typically a day off, and basically just an extension of Christmas festivities and relaxation.

For my husband, it represents the day that all the Premier League teams play soccer (football). Go Liverpool!

Like I said, there are many other reasons to celebrate the day, depending on your culture. It means something different for everyone, and I guess that’s really the fun of the day. How do you celebrate Boxing Day?

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Merry Christmas

On this merry day we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, our Lord and King.  His birth is our greatest blessing, and that He gave of Himself is our greatest joy. To Him be all glory and honor, now and forever!

Merry Christmas, from my family to yours!


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