The Best Mascara The World Has Ever Known

the best mascara-- L'Oreal Paris Telescopic Mascara

I wrote a post about this very product over a year ago.  But this mascara is so good, that it totally deserves an annual recognition post.  It is basically begging for a yearly publication saying, “this mascara I always rave about–yeah it’s still the best.”  Because this mascara really is the best.  And I don’t use the term “best mascara” lightly.  I have tried so, so many mascaras.  (Scroll to the bottom to see my hoard pic).  But I keep coming back to this one, and always will.

I first heard about this product from Sam Schuerman, on one of her youtube videos.  She was saying that she owed so much to Carli Bybel for bringing the product into her life.  With two trusted references, I thought I should give it a go.  After all, I was a long-time L’Oreal mascara wearer.  It had been already been one of my go-to mascara brands for quite a few years.  I had been wearing the Voluminous Original Mascara since high school.  Then I upped my game and began using the Voluminous Extra-Volume Collagen after college.  I have to admit I was slightly skeptical about this particular version of their mascara being so wildly different and “perfect” considering L’Oreal mascara wasn’t new for me.  But still, I gave it a go.  And–Oh. My.  Goodness.  I am so glad I did!

If I would have to pick one specialty that this mascara gives, it would be lengthening.  That’s it’s hallmark attribute.   And I know clumpy lashes or really full ones can be a coveted look.  But those looks aren’t very noticeable without length accompanying their fullness.  And the fact that this is one of the few mascaras that actually CAN add (or emphasize) length means that a variety of eyelash looks are possible.  You can go for the super long, fanned out look.  Or add 3 more coats and you can go for the thick and clumpy-long look.  I would absolutely have to attribute the formula to this lengthening phenomena.  But, the mascara can do more.


The BRUSH is the catalyst behind the perfect lift that this mascara gives your eyelashes.  Besides lengthening them, the slender, short-bristled brush pushes the eyelashes upward for maximum lengthening effect.  Because let’s face it, eyelash length is severely diminished by straight, uncurled eyelashes.  And the brush takes care of that.  At first glance, the brush doesn’t look like anything special.  In fact, some have complained that its so small and flimsy that it can’t POSSIBLY do anything.  But, it can do it all.–I would agree with the sentiment that you want to be somewhat gentle with the brush when pulling it in and out of the tube, as it isn’t the world’s most crazy-sturdy brush ever.  But that’s a small price to pay for such an amazing product.–Bonus about the petite brush size: it works great on under eyelashes, as it’s not bulky.

Pictured above in gold is the Telescopic “Original” Mascara, while the black tube is the Telescopic “Carbon” Mascara.  I have used both, and buy them interchangeably.  I have not noticed, in my 3 years of wearing them, a detectable difference.  Some have commented that the black tube is a darker formula than the formula in the gold tube, and has a slight sheen.  Others have said the difference between the two is that the black tube gives longer lashes while the gold gives fuller lashes.  Again, I have not found any of these claims to be true, as I do not notice a difference between them. The only thing I notice is how much BOTH make my eyelashes bolder, longer, and fuller.

I’ll make a final note for those wanting long, full and false-looking lashes: this requires multiple coats.  But not multiple coats as in you need to wait 2 minutes between each coat.  I simply mean you need to apply the product over one eye for about 10 seconds, then do the other eyelash, then go back and do each eye again for 10 more seconds.  So yes, it’s a total of 40 seconds of putting on mascara.  But when you think about it, that’s only 20 seconds per eyelash.  And no set of falsies goes on under 40 seconds!  It’s WORTH it.  And I’m only pointing this out so that if you swipe your eyelashes once with this product, don’t be disappointed if you don’t get enormous Bambi eyelashes.  The Bamb-ness will come, but you need to applying the product for like 40 seconds to get those big, gorgeous falsies!

And now, I’m going to ask:

Have y0u tried the L’Oreal Paris Telescopic Mascara?

If you haven’t, you need to drop everything and head to the drugstore right now and snag a tube.  It lengthens, lifts, and has the ability (with multiple coats) to create the fullest natural lashes you have ever worn.  Is there anything else a mascara is supposed to do?? But before you head to the store, what is your current go-to mascara?  I promise it will be this one once you try it!  This is truly the best mascara in the entire makeup world.  Thanks for stopping by, and I hope to see you back soon.

**While I would love to say that L’Oreal Paris sponsored this post, alas this is just all ME talking from the heart.  No sponsorship.  No free products.  Just a girl and the best mascara in the world.**

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