April 2017

april 2017 monthly to-do list!

“The sun was warm but the wind was chill. / You know how it is with an April day. / When the sun is out and the wind is still.”  — Robert Frost

I really feel like I should be calling this my moving post. This is my monthly to-do list, but so much of it basically feels like a PCS-ing check-list. It kind of is. But, I do plan on making a *separate* post about moving–one that may involve a to-do list very similar to this one. For now, this will remain my April to-do list, heavily influenced by our impending move (impending as in: I spent the evening packing and have been cooking with anything I can find in the pantry).

  1.  Move. So much easier said, than done.  So. Much. Easier.
  2. Purge my vanity of old or hated items.  Preferably before the move.
  3. Separate likes and dislikes when unpacking–don’t just put stuff away.  Like last time.  🙂
  4. Check back on my pinterest boards and decorate according to vision, not convenience. irl.
  5. Come up with the ultimate bug-prevention plan.  And implement it the same day.
  6. Create a storage room, and use it! Our current apartment IS our home and storage combo.
  7. Mail change-of-address cards. Really excited about these!
  8. Try not to be too sad about moving, but take some memorable pics.  Not gonna be able to handle it.
  9. Give myself a little time for blogging/writing!  It will be tough, but I want to make some time for it.
  10. Celebrate Easter in our new home. Our first holiday there!  <3

There are some unwritten to-do’s that I have circling in my mind (doesn’t everyone?) But I don’t like overloading my to-do list because that is one way to guarantee I won’t get anything done! When I was a kid, I used to write non-negotiables on my to-do list, like waking up or eating lunch, just to give myself things to check off! ha  My tactics haven’t improved much.  But we will see what I get done and hopefully I can do a little better than last time!

What are your plans for April?  And for anyone interested in a lil #tbt, you can read my first-ever monthly post here.  It’s been one year since I started these, and they have become my favorite posts to write!  Thanks for stopping by!!


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