Glam Bag Unboxing: December 2016


Better late than never!  And this December 2016 glam bag really was better!  I know it seems like I say every bag was a hit, but this one was fabulous.  The “Carpe PM” night magic theme was perfect timing for the holidays.  I can’t complain about a bag dedicated to highlighters and winged eyeliner!  And I can’t complain that every glam bag is a hit either–the beauty match quiz really determines suitable products for individual subscribers.  The best part about that quiz is that you can retake it again and again to alter the products you receive.  I’m pretty happy with the results I get, but it’s nice to know I have the option of revising my preferences.  Speaking of results, this is what I received:


OFRA Cosmetics Eyeshadow/Highlighter – Bliss

Luckily I’m getting to that point in my makeup stash where I don’t “need” another highlighter–but as a holiday product I’d say this was a basic necessity for the season!  I prefer it as a highlighter, rather than an eyeshadow, but it doesn’t hurt to have a shimmery primer shadow around.  The texture of this product is very velvety, which I like because occasionally shimmer = grainy = no good. This is a winner!


Aurora Intensively Precise EyelinerBlackberry

This eyeliner can own the winged or barely-there look, unlike some nightmare eyeliners.  The precision lets you draw a line so close to your lashes that you hardly have the look of eyeliner, but still get a great eye-framing effect.  However, if you’re going to be using an eyeliner with a tip this precise, it’d be a crime not to do winged liner.   Aspects I liked: gentle felt tip, precision, long handle, and even the luxury matte plastic of the pen. (That was the only appropriate place in this blog for luxury and plastic to exist in the the same sentence).  Aspects I don’t like: it’s not particularly inky.  If you’re going for a bold eyeliner look, you’ll have to do two coats.  Also, after a week of use, this pen feels like its drying up– which is a common issue for these kinds of eyeliners.  Too bad!


Hanalei Lip Treatment

This product is the absolute bomb of the entire December 2016 glam bag. And I don’t say that lightly…because if you keep scrolling, there is a liquid gold facial oil coming up next.  But besides being the best item in the glam bag, it’s also the best lip treatment I have EVER tried.  Ever.  That’s how good this lip treatment is.  I could go on all day about the coconut-y scent and the vanilla taste, but those aspects pale in comparison to the velvety, buttery texture of this lip treatment. It’s conditioning powers are magical. Each little pearl of the produt is packed with Kukui nut, grape seed, and agave oil, as well as shea butter. It’s really that good. I don’t say this often, but I will have to repurchase this item when it’s gone, because it’s a new must-have for me!


tarte cosmetics deluxe maracuja oil

As mentioned, this little gem was included in my December 2016 glam bag. It’s product like this that make me wonder how Ipsy can even product glam bags at such an affordable price.  It’s also products like this that make me wonder why I haven’t given oils enough space in my skincare routine.  I can’t think of a better oil to trailblaze into my skincare life than the tarte maracuja oil!  While this product is obviously all about the benefits, I have to admit that the scent is very  slight and pleasing too.  The dispensing system–a little glass dropper with a shiny gold button–is just brilliant.  * pause to admire the purple bottle and wooden topper*  This oil couldnt be lovelier.  Oh and it’s for the face and nails as well– not that my skin will want to share it!


Beau Gachis Concealer Brush

This brush goes against my usual brush addiction.  Most of my makeup brush collection is white, pink, or bamboo.  Yet, the silvery french embossing and slender handle all of a sudden make this brush stand out to me as totally perfect.  The bristles are extremely soft and dense enough to be effective without being too stiff.  The top of the brush is just slightly tapered, for precision, but the rest of the bristles are spread out enough to have a “paddle” effect for applying concealer. I have even used this for eyeshadow and really enjoyed using it.  As with pretty much every other Ipsy brush, especially the November 2016 brush, this one was a total win for the bag!

Thanks for reading along my unboxing. If you got a December 2016 glam bag, let me know what you got! And if you aren’t currently getting glam bags, but would like to, you can sign up for Ipsy here. *The link does not provide me with an monetary reimbursement, only points to be used towards makeup* Thanks for stopping by!

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