December 2016


“God gave us our memories so that we might have roses in December.” – J. M. Barrie

This has always been, and will always be one of my very favorite months–just like the rest of the world!  I am so happy December is here.  It couldn’t have come soon enough, and now that it finally showed up on my doorstep (with some cold weather) my home is all aglow with December feels.  My to-do list for this month is pretty fun, which is good since “fun” and “to-do list” aren’t always synonymous.  But in December, everything is more fun.  Here it is:

  1. Make a few ornaments for our tree.  Until our daughter is old enough to fill the tree, it’s still my job! haha
  2. Make a Christmas wreath.  I can’t decide between traditional winter greenery or snow white fluff.
  3. Visit the local library with my baby.  There are some very fun programs running next week we should catch.
  4. Start reading a new book.  Possibly a result of the above library trip.  But I do have some ready to read too.
  5. Begin reading a french blog.  I’ll leave the link at the end of the month for whichever one I choose!
  6. Do an act of charity daily until Christmas.  Kind of my own version of 25 ways in 25 days.
  7. Try two new recipes.  Hopefully Mac n’ Cheese and pot pie, but we’ll see.
  8. Rework my Google Ads.  They still could use some adjusting here and there.
  9. Take my blogging course.  I enrolled in it last month, but now it’s time to actually TAKE it.
  10. Complete my craft projects for Christmas.  I’m knitting a baby sweater & sewing a Mass quiet-time book.
  11. Do all my Christmas shopping/mailing!  It’s going to be a lot this year.  But so much fun.
  12. Celebrate Christmas with my family.  This is what I’m most looking forward to, naturally! <3

Please pretend I didn’t make a twelve item to-do list in imitation of the twelve days of Christmas.  I have a weakness for matching things up.  It just made sense, to me, that is.

Have a very merry December and as always, thanks for stopping by!  Even though there will probably be some more Christmas-themed posts, I have some other ideas that will be making an appearance.  Until then, Merry Christmas!

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