October 2016


“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” – Anne of Green Gables

I would like to skip straight to December, if I could.  But that would be a crime against nature.  Autumn is so nice, but I can’t help but wish it was winter the MOMENT it gets cold outside.  Two reasons for that: 1) I hate being cold and so it’s not worth it unless there is snow and things are visibly different outside and 2) I love Christmas.  It should always be Christmastime.

But in the spirit of forcing myself to enjoy October 2016, I am coming up with a list of things to do.  The list is just a starting point for me, and will mostly involve things I’m looking forward to.  This is kind of a tradition for me.

  1. A family trip to the mountains.  A hurricane can’t find us there!
  2. Do a family photo shoot.  I love those, and fall is my favorite seasonal background.
  3. Finish reorganizing the spare bedroom.  The decorating will be next month.
  4. Begin a knitting project.  Probably a hat for my baby.
  5. Join a club.  Either a social club or a Mommy and Me club.  Either way, baby’s coming with me!
  6. Get half-way through my baby diary.  Maybe a smaller goal will help me get it done.
  7. Finish proofreading and send the last few chapters to my junior editor.  Again, small goals.
  8. Enroll in a class online.  Free is good.  There was an aromatherapy one I haven’t finished…
  9. Finish One Tree Hill.  I’m on season 7.
  10. Begin using Amazon Associates.  It’s up and running but I have to plug it into my blog better.

Going off-list for a moment, there are a few other things I want to accomplish this month: listening to my baby, taking time for hairstyles, tidying around, cooking enjoyable things, posting here more regularly, and lots of phone calls.  Sometimes it’s easy to fall behind on the little things when focusing on the “big list” things, but the little things matter just as much.  It’s just that they are little.  Luckily, having an adorable baby around all the time helps remind me that the “littlest” things in life are the best!

Thanks for stopping by.  Leave a comment below regarding your aspirations for October 2016.  I’ll be sure to reply!

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