Round-Up: September 2016


“September rain falls on the house.  /  In the failing light.”  — Elizabeth Bishop

  1. Take a family trip. The hurricane interrupted us. Oh well!  We will have to take a trip next month.
  2. Go on family swims.  Super fun!  Our baby is a little fish.
  3. Begin taking photos for and writing my “guide.” It won’t be ready til next year though!
  4. Look into getting a mobile plug-in for theme development.  Fixed my mobile theme issue.  Check it out!
  5. Celebrate our baby’s 1st birthday!  Aww, yes…Happy Birthday my little baby!  It was so special.
  6. Complete her baby book.  Done!
  7. Finish my baby diary.   Someday…
  8. Continue editing my book. Ditto.
  9. Write down 4 more recipes.
  10. Take a few more pictures of our first home and neighborhood.  It’s a great time of year to do it too!
  11. Make a first-home ornament.  I can’t wait to hang it on our tree this year. 🙂
  12. Visit a few favorite places in our city and take pictures. There’s just one more spot to visit!
  13. Participate in the #marriageflashmob by @beating50 on Instagram.  The flashmob ended before I could join. 🙁
  14. Celebrate our engagement!  <3
  15. Do 1 really fun, unplanned thing.  There was a lot of that this month.  One of the most fun things was giving our living room a makeover.  One of the most unplanned things was deciding not to move.   More on that later?

September was good to our family.  It came pouring in with a hurricane, and left with some kind of rain that must be from a tropical storm.  But in between all the wetness were many dogs walks, shopping sprees, mugs of coffee, packages, long drives, rearranging furniture, fall cleaning, baking, reading, classical music, and family photos.  The highlight of the month was definitely celebrating our daughter’s one-year-old birthday.  I was expecting it to be special, but the day was so much more fun and joyful than I even imagined.  Red velvet cupcake hair and all.

Last monthly post, I said I wasn’t going to celebrate fall until we moved.  Despite the pinspiration and instaenvy around me, I was resolute.  Well, now that we aren’t moving, I have let fall into our life.  And I’m loving it.

Here’s to a wonderful October!  What was your highlight of the month?  Thanks for stopping by.

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