September 2016


        “By all these lovely tokens / September days are here, / With summer’s best of weather / And autumn’s best of cheer.”  -Hilaire Belloc

It’s September!  And I am so happy for it.  I have a lot of plans for this month–ones that I’m really looking forward to.  It’s going to be a very special month for a number of reasons, one of which being that it is our last full month in our first home.  While of course it makes me sad to think our time here is coming to a close, I know we get to bring everything important with us–our marriage, our baby, our furbabies, the coffeepot…so the rest is really just the details!  Before I get carried away with talk about moving next month, let me make a list for what I am looking forward to and need to do in this month:

*Warning: as nostalgia comes, this list is going to get much longer than previous ones*

  1. Take a family trip.  Sometimes the best way to welcome a season is to go chase it in a new state!
  2. Go on family swims.  I want to visit the indoor and outdoor pools as summer ends.
  3. Begin taking photos for and writing my “guide.”  Details will be revealed soon….
  4. Look into getting a mobile plug-in for theme development.  Just some blog updating.
  5. Celebrate our baby’s 1st birthday!  She is just the cutest angel and we can’t wait to celebrate her!
  6. Complete her baby book.  Now I will be able to, since she’s turning 1.
  7. Finish my baby diary.  I know….this one keeps making the lists.
  8. Continue editing my book.  This one does too…but it’s because I have to remind myself about it. ugh.
  9. Write down 4 more recipes.  This has been a helpful challenge for me.  I need to keep it up!
  10. Take a few more pictures of our first home and neighborhood.  Here comes the sentiment…
  11. Make a first-home ornament.  Just something to remember our first home by.
  12. Visit a few favorite places in our city and take pictures.  We usually take pictures anyway!
  13. Participate in the #marriageflashmob by @beating50t on Instagram.  Follow me to see it!
  14. Celebrate our engagement.  It happened 4 years ago, and is such a reason to celebrate! <3
  15. Do 1 really fun, unplanned thing.  Wait…is it unplanned if I just put it on my list?

Time to stop!  The list could go on and on.  I feel like this month is going to be seasonally awkward for me.  It’s September, so that seems like fall.  But I live in the south and so nothing looks or feels like fall over here.  Also, I’ve spent the entire summer in this house, and it doesn’t feel right to start turning “fall” in my apartment right before I leave it.  I think this might just be one long golden summer, and I’ll start fall in our next home.  Just some thoughts…thanks for reading!

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