Glam Bag Unboxing: August 2016

August Glam Bag

I think Ipsy’s August Glam Bag is my favorite yet!  The theme this month is pastel fantasy–which is apparently a thing– dubbing every subscriber a “sugar highness.”  So sweet!  The bag has a special emphasis on pampering treatments and delicate items, and hovers around a pastel color scheme.  I really was pleased with this bag!



Nyx Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator – Gleam

This is my favorite product in the bag.  I saw this product in passing once, on a youtube video, and thought it looked amazing.  And I wasn’t wrong.  This velvety and luscious liquid is the most glowy illuminator I have ever seen.  It can elevate any look to luxe in just a matter of moments.  While I absolutely love the color, it is a tricky one for me.  It’s too dark to apply to the usual highlight spots, but its a little too sparkly for the contour spots.  Suggestions?  Leave a comment below!  I could use some advice.



Lord & Berry 20100 Maximatte Crayon Lipstick – Intimacy

I like lip products but I can’t stand lipstick.  I don’t like the way it smells and tastes, no matter the brand.  Even if the color is as subtle as possible, I can’t help but feel like it always makes my makeup look overdone and “full-facey.”  I just don’t like the way it looks.  But this crayon is the closest any lipstick can come to pleasing me.  The color is only a few shade darker than my lips’ natural color.   And even though it has a slight lipstick smell and taste, it is nothing like the average lipsticks that make my stomach churn.  I don’t mind using it just to overline my lower lip, as that is subtle enough to make me feel comfortable.   While I can’t say I would wear this everyday, if I am in a lipstick mood this is the product I am going for.



Jersey Shore Cosmetics Mongongo Lip Conditioner – Vanilla Coconut Cream

Speaking of lip products I go for, this is my absolute favorite lip balm of the moment.  It has even replaced my beloved Burt’s Bees Lip Balm, which was my previous lip staple.  Not only is its vanilla coconut scent heavenly, but its ingredient list is transparently natural and wholesome.  Names like Mongongo oil, Calendula extract, and rosemary extract are ones I like seeing in my skincare and beauty products.  Even better…they’re organic!  This balm promises more than just a healthy label–it offers protection against environmental conditions and aging.  It probably goes without saying that this balm is extremely moisturizing.  And the fact that is is “nutritiously dense” with antioxidants and calcium is just Vanilla Coconut Cream icing on the Lip Conditioner Cake.



It Hair Care 12-in-One Amazing Serum

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of It’s a 10 hair products…particularly their leave-in conditioner.   At first glance, this product feels a lot like a dupe for that: a floral scented product that packs a punch with a number of promises in a blue bottle with the word “It” written in bold.  But the actual serum itself is very different from any of the It’s a 10 conditioners I have tried.  It is a syrupy formula composed of 12 oils that thickens, strengthens, de-frizzes, and adds shine to hair strands.  This oil works so differently from leave-in conditioners, even if it accomplishes similar effects.  Overall, I like this nourishing serum for being 100% grease-free.  And the fact that it smells absolutely beautiful isn’t a problem either!  Does it replace It’s a 10 in my life?  No.  Does it add enhance my hair’s existence?  Yes.


Formula X Nail Polish – Dollface

Last but not least, I got this cutie in my August Glam Bag.  I love getting nail polishes, and have a soft spot for neutral-pinks.  I hadn’t tried this brand before, and really liked the quality of the polish.  So many milky blush colors end up streaky and thin, but this polish was pleasantly thick.  I would definitely purchase more from this brand!

That is it for my August Glam Bag unboxing!  For the first time ever, my glam bag didn’t come with a makeup brush.  I really didn’t mind though, because I really liked every product that Ipsy sent me this month.  While I can’t say I will use the lipstick on a regular basis, it’s nice to have one that I can actually wear.  And the lip balm, hair serum, and nail polish are all products I can easily see using up.  Now if only I could conquer the amazing Nyx Liquid Illuminator…

Thanks for reading!

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