Makeup Review: Carli Bybel Palette


I can’t believe I got one!  It was almost a year ago when the beauty Youtuber Carli Bybel announced she teamed up with BHCosmetics to create an eyeshadow and highlight palette.  She posted an entire video showcasing the new palette and giving the world a first look.  I thought it looked amazing.  But I also thought, like so many guru-collaborations, that it would be a hard-to-get palette that was sold from a single website with astronomical shipping charges.  In other words, I didn’t feel very hopeful that I was going to land one for myself.  Then a few days ago (Friday) I was looking at Ulta’s website and saw that the Carli Bybel palette had hit their stores.  I died.

The very next day, we zoomed out to Ulta so that I could purchase one.  I braced myself for the realistic possibility that my local Ulta had already sold out of the palette.  When I got to the store and couldn’t find it, things started to look bleak.  Then…low and behold, I spotted a shelf of them.  And there was one sitting out, just waiting for me to take it.  I definitely purchased it.  Important side note: I also bought another L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara, which this time was not the Carbon one.  That was probably a bad move, considering the Carbon version is my go-to mascara.  But every single time I repurchase the Carbon one, I always wonder what the original is like.  And now I guess I get to find out!  But I digress.


If I could choose one color to describe the Carli Bybel palette, I would say rose gold.  There are many shades (ten shadows and four highlights to be exact), but they all hover around the gold, rose, and bronze hues.  Since those are my favorite makeup colors, this palette is such a winner for me.  Some have complained that the eyeshadow colors are too similar.  But personally, I think their similarity helps with flawless blending and natural-looking color gradation.  As a collection, I think the ten colors work perfectly together and compose a great eyeshadow palette.  And of course, they work well with the highlighters.

Out of the ten eyeshadows, half are matte and half are shimmery.  The darker shades tend to be matte, and the light shades tend to be shimmery.  But the ten are still a fair mix of pigment finishes overall.    They are smooth to put on…dare I use the word “buttery?”  I’m not sure how I feel when people describe eyeshadows like that.  But this palette is what they mean when they say that.  Having never tried BH Cosmetics before, I was impressed with the quality (and quality) of the shadows for their low price point.

The four highlighters have a much steeper color-change amongst themselves than the eyeshadows.  Needless to say, all four are “shimmery” because, um: highlighters.  These also have good pigmentation, which I appreciate.  If you know anything about my feelings on highlighters, then you know I like them to be as transparent as possible.  I have had bad experiences with chalky and thick highlighters.  Nothing to fear here, though!  These highlighters leave a shimmer without any trace of powdery residue.  And if you use one of the darker shades for a highlighted bronzing effect, it leaves the pigment with the shimmer, but that is all!

Overall, I am very pleased with the Carli Bybel palette.  Part of me was excited to have it simply because it was one of those highly anticipated celebrity-influenced palettes.  But truthfully, even if this palette hadn’t been a collaboration, I still would have wanted it.  The colors are my favorite color family–soooo beautiful!  The highlights are amazing quality, and come in a variety of beautiful shades.  Matte or shimmery, all the eyeshadows have nice pigmentation.  I am so surprised that with all the quality, quantity, and fame going on, this palette still cost under $20!  It was only a few dollars more than my mascara.  Oops.

Leave a comment below and tell me if you’ve tried the Carli Bybel palette, and what you think of it! BH Cosmetics’ latest big collaboration is Illuminate with Ashley Tisdale.  I can’t wait to give those a try.  Hopefully they will be as lovely as the Carli Bybel palette turned out to be!

You can find the palette here, and it’s new BIG SISTER (the extended palette) here.  These are affiliate links.

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