Round-up: July 2016



Farewell, July!  Maybe I say this every round-up, but July was a pretty good month.  It was not my favorite month, but some favorite things definitely happened.  Before I get into those though, here is my monthly to-do list in review:

  1. Edit my book.  I know.  Finally.
  2. Read a book.  I read a romance, “Homecoming at Hickory Ridge” by Dana Corbit (my aunt!).
  3. Have a family picnic.
  4. Finish my crochet project.  (A winter headband).  Time to make a matching one for baby!
  5. Teach my baby to sleep through the night.  Haha.  Oh, cute little naive me.  #teethhappen
  6. Use Google Analytics.  Did it, but….can I say this?….not totally impressed. EEK, I said it!
  7. Start a new phone plan. Finally, the Samsung Galaxy s7 is mine!!
  8. Watch Season Three of Liv and Maddie.  Dropped onto Netflix July 19.
  9. Bake a Funfetti cake.  I really loved the cake–but I’ll make a sprinkle icing to match next time!
  10. Try three new recipes.  My new protein recipe: a poached egg.  Definitely didn’t nail it, but after two attempts, I got something that resembled a poached egg and it tasted fine.  I’ll remake it WITH vinegar in the water, as that should help a bunch.  My new vegetable recipe:  Oven-roasted sweet potato bites…they turned out good by I prefer baked sweet potatoes.  My new grain recipe: homemade gnocchi.  It was AMAZING, which was a relief to me because usually I hate gnocchi (and I had my doubts while making it).

July was good for the most part.  And it was long.  But it had some pretty great moments.  I focused some attention on expanding my baby’s palette, and after much trial and error, I am happy to say she now likes cinnamon (kinda), carrots (a little), cantaloupe (a lot) and wheat cereal too.  I started watching One Tree Hill, which has been fun.  And I watched both Camp Rocks, but some things are better left undiscussed.  The best and biggest news of all: we will be moving south this fall!!

Hopefully a few of my “surprises” that I hinted about are making difference on this blog (and will continue to)!  My new phone is a top change, even though it’s not a surprise.  The s7 means a major improvement of photo quality.  Also, I joined Instagram, which was a huge step for my socially-awkward self.  Please stop by and look at my pictures of the fur babies.  The biggest change of all was an “Aha” moment of clarity that I had during an important 1:30am late-night-phone-conversation-with-my-sister-while-I-wait-for-my-husband-to-get-back-from-an-airborne-operation.  We talked about my blog and the direction I’m taking it and my hopes and dreams for it.  You know, the kind of things that need to be discussed at 1:30am.  After our lengthy discussion, I finally felt new wind in my sails and a wonderful future for my blog, founded on my original inspirations it was created for.  I hope you enjoy what is coming!  August will probably look a little different around here, so I hope you come visit.

Thank you for stopping by and reviewing the month with me.  While July was nice, I’m hopeful that August will be even better.  August means fall.  And that’s my favorite season because, duh, it leads to Christmas!  Tune in next post to see my plans for August (hint: they involve the blog!).

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