Birthday Ulta Haul and Review



My birthday trip to Ulta was teeming with fun!  I got so many items, and just so happened to catch their BOGO Maybelline sale!  That was my only reason for the many Maybelline items. 0:)  This is more than just a regular Ulta Haul, because #1 it was my birthday and #2 I have used each of these makeup items and am more than pleased with all of them!  And you know, that is not always the case with beauty hauls.



Maybelline Dream BB Fresh Cream – 100 Light

I made a beeline for this product when I got into the store.  A fellow blogger had just mentioned that it was a great summer product and I really wanted to try it.  Well, it’s more than a great product for me…it’s my go-to foundation now.  I don’t say those words lightly, either.  But I have found that this wears comfortably on my skin, doesn’t clog my pores, and looks more natural/attractive than regular foundation.  It has very sheer coverage, however paired with a powder (see below), this covers my face just as effectively (but MUCH more naturally) than foundation does.  As a bonus, it has many benefits to it that a foundation doesn’t promise: blurs imperfections, enhances, brightens, adjusts skin tone, smoothes, hydrates, protects with SPF 30, and is lightweight.  Ha!  Foundation, you don’t stand a chance.



Maybelline Fit Me Powder – 110 Porcelain 

IMG_20160624_170646I got this powder on the recommendation of my sister, and I’m so glad I got it!  My previous setting powder was the famous Nyx Finishing Powder, but unfortunately at the time they were sold out of the ever-popular Banana color.  I bought the Nyx in Translucent and was never very happy with it.  Not only was the Nyx’s extremely sheer coloring unhelpful in providing coverage, but it also didn’t look very natural on my skin.  I think what bothered me the most about it, however, was its propensity to be cakey.  It just didn’t wear well on my skin, and I didn’t like using it for anything except to set my under-eye concealer.  (And now this is becoming a review on the Nyx Finishing Powder).  ENTER FIT ME POWDER.  I still opted for a lighter shade, but its coverage ability is far superior to the Nyx Finishing Powder.  Even though most powders can look cakey on the skin if over-applied, this one is definitely more natural-looking and seeps into my BB cream nicely.  It does exactly what it says it will–it sets and smooths.  No more Nyx Finishing Powder for me (unless its under the eyes, bc the lighter the better)!  I will be repurchasing this Fit Me powder for sure!



Maybelline Master Prime – 200 Blur + Illuminate

I have to attribute some of my BB cream and powder success to this product.  I raved about it before.  It is a very good primer, and quite affordable.  My BB and powder set nicely and will stay on for hours with this product beneath them.  I love the pinkish tint it has, as well as its slight rose smell.  There are two other primers in this line, one which blurs and smooths, and one which blurs and controls redness.  I have yet to try either, but I wouldn’t mind, as I have purchased an repurchased this one!


Maybelline Eyeshadow Palette – The Nudes

IMG_20160624_170501This was my final Maybelline item of the haul.  I am obsessed with brown and neutral eyeshadow palettes, and anything with a shimmer is my style!  I was impressed with the price point of this palette, as well as the variety of shades.  Sometimes the larger palettes or shade family palettes tend to repeat colors, but I feel like this palette offers a broad color spectrum.  About half the shades are shimmery and half are matte, which is also a good ratio to me.  Their color transfer and opaqueness obviously varies from shade to shade, but I have been overall pleased with their pigmentation and wearability.  I haven’t experienced color fallout or creasing either, which is a huge bonus.  Overall, I would say this is a very good palette for its price point, color variety, and pigment quality.  I wouldn’t say its a high-end eyeshadow palette in disguise, but if you are looking for good-quality drugstore eyeshadows in attractive neutral colors, I would highly recommend this one.  I am so pleased with it and have been wearing it almost exclusively since purchasing it!


L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow – Iced Latte

As previously mentioned, I adore shimmer shadows.  My first experience with the Infallible Eyeshadow pots was with their Amber Rush shade from my PX haul.  I totally love it and so buying more was a no-brainer.  They are highly pigmented eyeshadow pots with a velvet consistency and absolutely no fallout or creasing.  Even though there are a few matte shades in the line, they are almost exclusively glittery.  A few of them, like this one, feel like foil eyeshadow, as they are so shiny, pigmented, and opaque.  When I wear them, I almost always apply them with my finger and not a brush.  They just pat onto the eyelid so perfectly with my finger and stay put that I feel a brush would only break up the product application and fan out the color too much.  It is too easy for me to say these are the very best eyeshadows I have ever used.  One last word: waterproof.  <–but they come off with regular makeup removing wipes at the end of the day.


L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow – Silver Sky

And now that you know how much I love these eyeshadows (see above) you’re probably not at all surprised that I bought two of them.  This one reminds me a lot of my Ulta Glitter Eye Top Coat in Put a Ring on It, which is basically a pan of pressed glitter.  I would say this is a slightly more delicate glitter than the Ulta one though, as this one has smaller glitter particles and a smoother texture.  This color is more sheer than the Amber Rush and Iced Latte Infallibles though.  With those two, you get an opaque color that shimmers, shines, and glows.  With this color, it adds a glitter and sparkle to your eyelid and whatever color you already have applied.  Even though I think it would be gorgeous if this eyeshadow did give off a grey and sparkly pigment, I am still so happy with the product’s velvety texture that I don’t mind.  Plus a bonus to its sheerness is that it can be worn under the eye, on the brow bone, or even on the outsides of the eyes for a dramatic touch.


Sexy Hair Hairspray- Spray & Play

Last but not least, here is my truly *birthday* item.  The candle cupcake bottle is just too perfect!  Too bad I rarely use hairspray, because the packaging is cute enough for me to want to use it daily.  I generally use hairspray just to set the top of a hairstyle in, but sometimes I do spray the lengths of my hair if its curled.  This is a volumizing hairspray, which is great for down ‘dos, and that’s how I usually style my hair anyways!  Even if I don’t use this frequently, it is nice to be able to tuck this into my hair product arsenal for the next special occasion when I need it.  Plus I was excited to get this for free, because who doesn’t love freebies?

That is the end of my birthday Ulta haul.  I hope you go out and try some of these products!  I know it sounds silly but I like reading reviews of products I own, so if you do buy something from my Ulta haul, let me know!  I’d love to hear what you think about the product too, and if you write a review on it, be sure to send me the link.

Thanks so much for reading!

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