Glam Bag Unboxing: June 2016


It’s that time again! I received my June Ipsy Glam Bag a few days ago (they arrive mid-month) and can’t wait to show you what’s inside. You might remember from my closing statement during last unboxing, but I had my fingers crossed to receive the Urban Decay color-changing eyeshadow in June. Well, spoiler-alert: I GOT IT!!


The theme of this month’s bag was rebellion and punkiness.  Being a punk.  Punking out.  Punkiness.  <–definitely doesn’t seem right when it’s spelled out, but you know what I mean.  Anyway, the glam accessory pouch had a graffiti design that brought me back to my European Graffitti days.  And south Bronx.  But mostly Europe.  The contents weren’t super punky, but that’s simply because the Ipsy personality quiz I took had results that were pretty far from punky.  (My personal style is far from punky haha). Probably the closest any product came to being “rebel” in my glam bag was the Urban Decay eyeshadow, but that’s mostly because the entire Urban Decay company has rebel vibes to it, imho.  On that note, let’s kick the unboxing off with a look at some rebellious eyeshadow!


Urban Decay Eyeshadow – Lounge

IMG_20160623_233543I was holding my breath as I opened my glam bag, hoping there would be an Urban Decay color-changing eyeshadow inside.  Sure enough, there was!  I would best describe Lounge as a mix between grey, blue, and green.  A peacock is the first thing that comes to my mind when I see it–but I’m not thinking of deep blue feathers–I feel like the color comes pretty close to the green eyelet circles on the bird’s tail.  The concept of a color-changing eyeshadow isn’t completely new.  Duochrome, or eyeshadows that give off more than one color depending on the lighting, have been around for a while.  The reason this one is particularly mesmerizing though is because even in the pan, you can’t quite decide if its grey or green or blue (though in my pic it looks decidedly grey).  And when it’s actually being worn, it continuously gives off an array of colors–not just a shiny color in the sun and a more muted version indoors.


Cake Beauty Everything Balm – Delectable

This is a sample size balm product that I hadn’t heard of before.  Apparently it can do everything.  I haven’t used it for everything myself obviously, but so far I’ve liked using it to treat eyebrows (since I prefer natural brows). It’s sweetly scented, cruelty-free, and vegan!  The wonderful and creamy consistency of this product is in between a vaseline and a lotion.  The line this comes from is inspired by confections and sweet-treats, and is supposed to nourish your skin the way food nourishes your body.  The product line was even started in a kitchen, rumor has it!  I was pleasantly surprised by it, though I must admit I didn’t know what to expect.


Dirty Little Secret Baked Highlighter – Bellissima

Dare I use the word “go-to” when describing a new product?  I think I have to.  You might remember that my highlighting history has been less than fabulous.  Enter DLS baked highlighter.  Just as a disclaimer, I didn’t love this to highlight my t-zone, cheekbones, or the bridge of my nose.  But as a blush?  GAME CHANGER.  It has such a feminine rosiness to it, with a chic and glam dewiness because of its highlighting roots.  I have to admit, I have never even considered myself a blush fan.  I rarely wear it.  I’m all about bronzers.  But now…this is going to be a regular occurrence in my makeup life.  PS. And it comes in cute retro polka-dot packaging!


Kajal Vasanti Waterline Eyeliner – Intense Black

Here we have another full-sized product that also just so happens to be my favorite kind of makeup product ever: EYELINER.  Maybe eyeliner is my favorite because it was my first “real” makeup item.  Or maybe I like it because it is the fastest and quickest way to look like I’m wearing makeup.   Anyway, this eyeliner is supposedly designed for the waterline, but I used it both for my waterline and my lower lash line.  It is a good crayon liner–soft, pigmented, smudge-able, and relatively easy to apply.  I wouldn’t say this is my favorite liner for the waterline, but that’s simply because I already have a favorite for that.  It carries good pigmentation when applied to the lower lash line, but I felt like the blackness became a little grey when applied to my waterline.  Overall, this is a successful waterline eyeliner as it is gentle is doesn’t sting or run.  I will definitely use the entire product up, but I wouldn’t repurchase it over my favorite crayon liner.


Royal and Langnickel Brush – Crease/Smudge

One of my favorite things about the Ipsy Glam Bag is that it offers tools in addition to makeup.  I was super excited to get an eyeshadow brush for the second time in a row.  I have to say after using it, I definitely prefer the fluffy end over the dense end.  The short-ended bristles are a little to stiff and short for my taste.  It would be a good brush for packing pigments onto my lid (maybe like glitter) but I didn’t love it for applying everyday colors.  The fluffy end was almost too sparse for me, but I like it for delicately working a contour shade into my crease.  I can’t rely on this brush for any bold crease work, but for light contouring with a gentle hand, it works just great.  Based on its structure, I think I could also use the fluffy end as a finishing-touch brush, to dust off excess products.  Overall I think I can get some good use out of it!

That’s a wrap!  Even though I’ve never considered myself to be a rebel-child, I felt like all the items that came in my bag will fit in nicely with my current collection.  As a side note, I was excited to received full-size versions of almost every product. *sweet sigh of value*  I never expect to get full-sizes for every single product, but I love it when it happens.  I still can’t believe the Ipsy glam bag only costs $10 a month.  I hope you enjoyed peeking into Ipsy’s June release, and I look forward to sharing my July glam bag with you!

If you want to join Ipsy yourself, follow this link. Doing so will not provide me with any money, though it will give me bonus points to earn beauty products.  I would not recommend this glam bag to you if I didn’t stand behind it myself.  But I love it, and I think you will too!

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