Fashion Haul: Post Exchange


Once upon a time, I took a pledge not to buy any makeup during the month of May in an effort to save money and focus my attention on my skin/hair.

Little known fact: when you don’t spend money on makeup, you find other ways to spend it, i.e. clothes.  And once you start buying clothes, you don’t always stop.  And then you have a clothes addiction on your hand.

And a Post Exchange clothing haul.

I went to the Post Exchange (AKA the PX) to buy t-shirts, and was more than successful.  If you’ve never heard of the Post Exchange before, then just think of it as the Army’s version of Target.  Its inventory varies from military post to military post, but its overall purpose is to provide name brands and a variety of options for families who may be living where there aren’t many stores.  (Don’t feel too bad for us…with online shopping we have the world at our fingertips like everybody else).  But I still love going to the PX…and who doesn’t love tax-free shopping?

Anyway, I snagged some shirts that have become my new favorites, as well as some tops that are “new territory” for me in the style world.  Let me know what you think!


First of all, I had to buy this beauty because it was 1) in my color and 2) had lace-of-sorts on it.


I wouldn’t exactly call this one “my color” but it was half tank-top and half teeshirt so it caught my attention.  As did it’s lacey tassel situation.  I just like it.  It is a definite step outside my usual style and so that was exciting.  But maybe I shouldn’t give myself too much credit– I haven’t worn it yet, and bravely buying clothes is not the same as wearing something outside your comfort zone.


Then I bought two shirts with ruching. These are an adjustment for me too, as I kind of hate ruching. I guess I associate ruching with a pregnancy wardrobe–although that’s kind of odd since I didn’t wear ruching at all when I was pregnant.  Anyway, even though the ruching almost convinced me not to purchase them, their fabric was so incredibly soft that I couldn’t resist.

IMG_20160529_155500The shirts obviously don’t scoop at the hem when you wear them, but the picture makes it look like that.  I really loved the colors (besides the feel) of these two, which is partly why I bought them.


This might possibly be my favorite shirt in the haul.  It is stretchy, soft, and has quality weight to the fabric.  I liked the criss-cross neck because it adds a nice detail to an otherwise plain black tee (and I have MORE than my share of those).


So I got this tee purely for kicking around the house while I blog, cook, clean, and otherwise generally “mom” around.  You can’t really tell in the photo, but the letters are covered in glitter.  Which I loved.  Until after wearing it for 15 minutes and I had successfully covered my daughter, my husband, myself, and basically the entire room in glitter.  It spread alarmingly fast and stuck with the power of wet concrete.  Needless to say, this shirt is being returned.  Glitter-covered receipt and all.


This soft and stretchy micro-ribbed tee is my other favorite of the haul.  It is ridiculously soft, comfy, and well-fitted.  I don’t mind that the hem has an unfinished look to it–it kind of suits its casual design and fabric.


Last but not least, I got a pair of shorts inspired by Anna Kendrick’s sailor pants during the Barden Bella’s Finale performance in the movie Pitch Perfect.  Well, that’s probably not what the designer was inspired by, but that’s what went through my head when I bought them.

That is finally the end of my haul! I didn’t bother including the brands because none of these were brand-name clothes, and I haven’t seen these brands sold anywhere besides the PX.  If you’re curious about a brand, leave a comment below!  Thanks so much for reading!


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