June 2016


It’s beautiful the Summer month of June /  When all of God’s own wildflowers are in bloom.

— Francis Duggan, “June”

This is one of my favorite months!  I am so happy that it is June!  I am also a little in shock (read: STUNNED) that we are half-way through 2016.  Time.  Where did you go?

I have a list (as usual) of things that I am looking forward to or want to accomplish in June:

  1. Take a family beach trip.  This will involve our Labs.  I just can’t wait to watch the twins swim!
  2. Write a guest post on someone’s blog.  I’d love to do that, and never have.
  3. Teach baby to say Dada.  Right now she can say Mama.  And it makes my life complete.
  4. Buy the Twilight novels.  Too mature to read teenage romance fantasies?  I think not.
  5. Edit my book.  Speaking of books…you knew that was coming.  But this month, I’ll do it.
  6. Catch up on my baby diary.  I keep a diary of my baby’s first year and I’ve fallen behind a bit!
  7. Get a Twitter account.  I’m not the biggest social media fan, but I think I can do this.  #hopes
  8. Take baby swimming.  Her 1st dip in the pool was not her fav, but I want to help her love it!
  9. Celebrate our 2nd Wedding Anniversary.  <3 I’m most excited for this. <3
  10. Learn to make Pico de Gallo.  Last month my friend taught me to make guacamole and salsa…as in HOMEMADE salsa, boiled tomatoes and all.  It was such a big moment; it made it onto my wish list for May.  And Pico de Gallo will be similarly influential to my June. 🙂

I can’t wait to experience all blessings that this month will bring!  What are your plans for June?

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