Fashion Haul: More Charlotte Russe


In the interest of not spending a lot of money on makeup, I made a pledge not to buy makeup for the entire month of May.

And instead, I went to the mall and bought clothes.

Logic.  Don’t we love it?

But really, I needed summer shorts.  I have mixed feelings about shorts in general (read: mixed feelings about the shorts I own).  It’s not that I hate shorts.  Quite the contrary, I basically live in them.  In my house.  But out of my house…yeah, um, no.  I just don’t like shorts that are long–I find them pretty unflattering on my legs.  And I don’t like wearing shorts that are short–it’s just not appropriate in public for my taste.



I was blown away by these beauties.  They have a soft and stretchy waist that sits just perfectly on the hips.  They are breezy and light and perfect for the summer heat.  They are feminine and gorgeous and almost kinda feel like you are wearing a skirt, but do not worry— there are no 90’s “skort” vibes going on here.  They are the perfect balance of shorts, lace, and femininity.


I got them in two colors.  It was buy one for $22 and then get the other for $6.  Random pricing, I know.  But still, a fair deal.


And then since I was there, I HAD to get two more of the body con cotton skirts.  I raved about them in my last haul because they are very rave-able.  Basically, picture a form-fitting pencil skirt in the world’s most comfortable cotton that sits ON YOUR HIPS, people.  Buisness doesn’t get any comfier than this.


And of course I bought it in two colors because, why not?  I’m pretty sure they were each $6.

And there you have it.  My money-saving-on-makeup Charlotte Russe shopping spree.  I hope it inspired you to go out and get some fun and feminine pieces for your wardrobe!  Maybe I even taught you a thing or two about finances: save up on makeup to spend out on clothes.  Stretching it?….yeah I think so.

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