New Blog Moments


I am doing something different here.  Generally, you won’t see too many “administrative” posts from me.  I’m not sure why.  Administration is like a hobby to me. haha  But I usually tend to post “full-sided” posts which have a theme and maybe photos and aren’t just a compilation of my ramblings.  Though there is definitely rambling in those posts.

Anyway, I felt compelled to write a little bit about where I’ve been, since this has been the longest I’ve gone between posts since I first started my blog.  Consider this a catch-up and blog-reveal all bundled up into one administrative package.  *squeals*

For starters, I moved my blog.  You may remember this from my last post, but…WE MOVED.  My old blog was the same name, JJheartBlog, but it was at, not a self-hosted domain.  You can visit it here to share a loving good-bye tear with me.  And I still nostalgically love it.  (Can you be nostalgic about something that is only one-month gone?…I digress.  But yes, I am).  I loved that blog.  It taught me (almost) everything I know about blogging.  I will miss it.  But I never intended to keep it longer than half a year.  It was supposed to be my fledgling blog that slowly taught me how the blogging world went, so that one day I could grow up and own a domain for myself and become a real-life blogger.  It did, and I have.  (Well, I have purchased a domain…the real-life blogger thing is a work-in-progress).

Moving blog content from one spot to another is easier said then done.  Moving emotional content from one spot to another is never easy.  At all.  But I finally did it!  It took me a good, solid two weeks to move, set-up, prep, and launch.  But everything is finally in place.  My new blog is up and running and here to stay.

So I really hope that you are here to stay too!  Pour yourself a cup of coffee and visit me from time to time.  I love visiting my visitor’s blogs too.  Let me know you stopped by and I’ll find you back.  And if you’re not a blogger yourself, let me know if you’d be interested in a series where I explain how I got started and learned (read: AM LEARNING) to blog.

Okay, that’s everything.  Admin out.  See you next post!

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